Is Microblading a safe procedure?

Is Microblading a safe procedure?

By the sound of its name, most people would really be nervous and skeptical about this procedure. Some are probably on the fence, especially after hearing stories of microblading gone wrong. The truth is, microblading is 100% safe if and only if done by a trained and licensed brow specialist under a reputable organization.

Microblading is way less invasive than tattooing, but it pays to do your research and choose a reputable company and specialist who works in a sanitary environment. At Sugar Eyes Beverly Hills, our specialists have an extensive background in skincare and hold permanent makeup and blood-borne pathogen certificates.

Also, check out the company’s portfolio by visiting the website and verify the services’ reviews. Are the before and after photos authentic? Are the customer reviews outstanding? Are they in the business for a long time?

Once you’ve found a legit company just like Sugar Eyes Beverly Hills, ask for a consultation. Our top-rated specialists will explain everything, from where we get our tools and supplies to how to properly do brows’ aftercare.

It’s important to know the qualifications and reputation of the company and the person performing microblading. Ask questions like, “Where did the specialist get trained and certified?” or “How long have they been performing microblading?”

At Sugar Eyes Beverly Hills, we ensure that our specialists perform your procedure using a sterile technique and following standard safety precautions to minimize any risks of scarring, infection, and transmission of blood-borne products.

It’s also worthy to ask friends who’ve tried microblading before about their recommendation and experience.

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Is Microblading a safe procedure?

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